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2024-04-16 | The Reflex (40th Anniversary)

The Reflex, third single from album Seven and the Ragged Tiger was released 40 years ago.

The Reflex The Reflex The Reflex The Reflex

7“: 1984 UK (EMI; DURAN2)
4:20 The Reflex (7“ version)
4:54 Make Me Smile (Come up and see me) (live)

7“: 1984 US (Capitol; B-5345)
4:25 The Reflex (The Dance Mix - edited)
4:52 New Religion (live)

12“: 1984 UK (EMI; 12DURAN2)
6:35 The Reflex (Dance mix)
4:20 The Reflex (7“ version)
4:54 Make Me Smile (Come up and see me) (live)

12“: 1984 US (Capitol; V-8587)
6:35 The Reflex (Dance mix)
4:25 The Reflex (Dance mix edit)

All tracks written by Duran Duran, except "Make Me Smile", written by Steve Harley. Produced by Alex Sadkin, Ian Little and Duran Duran. All tracks mixed by Nile Rodgers and Jason Corsaro, except "Make Me Smile", mixed by Ian Little and recorded live at Hammersmith Odeon, November 1982. "New Religion" recorded live at Los Angeles Forum, February 9, 1984.

UK Chart Top 75 (weeks: 14, highest position: 1)
Billboard Hot 100 (weeks: 21, highest position: 1)
Holland Top 50 (weeks: 16, highest position: 1)
Germany Top 75 (weeks: 17, highest position: 8)
Swiss Top 30 (weeks: 12, highest position: 10)
Austria Top 20 (weeks: 4, highest position: 11)


2024-04-10 | Do You Believe In Shame? (35th Anniversary)

Do You Believe In Shame?, third single from album Big Thing was released 35 years ago.

Do You Believe In Shame?x Do You Believe In Shame? Do You Believe In Shame? Do You Believe In Shame?

7" single (UK, EMI, DDA12)
Do You Believe In Shame?
The Krush Brothers LSD Edit
Do You Believe In Shame?

7" single (UK, EMI, DDB12)
God (London)
This Is How A Road Gets Made
Palomino (Edit)

7" single (UK, EMI, DDC12)
Do You Believe In Shame?
Drug (Original Version)

10" single (UK, EMI, 10DDN12)
Do You Believe In Shame?
The Krush Brothers LSD Edit
Notorious (Live)

CD single (UK, EMI, CDDD12)
Do You Believe In Shame?
The Krush Brothers LSD Edit
Notorious (Live)
God (London)
This Is How A Road Gets Made

All tracks written by Taylor, Rhodes and Le Bon. Produced by Duran Duran, Jonathan Elias and Daniel Abraham. "Notorious" recorded live from The Ahoy, Rotterdam, 1987. 10" single is special numbered limited edition. Design by Hans Arnold. Recorded and mixed by Daniel Abraham.

UK Chart Top 75 (weeks: 4, highest position: 30)
Holland Top 50 (weeks: 8, highest position: 41)
Billboard Hot 100 (weeks: 5, highest position: 72)


2024-04-05 | First show

On this day in 1979 (45 years!): the very, very first Duran Duran show, which finds Nick, John and Stephen Duffy at Lecture Theatre, Polytechnic, Birmingham, UK


2024-03-24 | Roundhouse Rise Up

Amazing live version of Spandau Ballet hit “Chant No.1”. Simon Le Bon and Gary Kemp join forces for the Roundhouse Rise Up charity gala show (London, UK, March 20) with Trevor Horn on bass and Lol Creme (10cc) on guitar.
Roundhouse Rise Up charity gala helping raise over L1 million to help empower the young artistic community with facilities and placements. Gary Kemp is the current chairperson of the charity.


2024-03-17 | RIP Steve Harley

Man, Cockney Rebel were awesome, first two albums perfection. Then the Number One pop song “Come Up and See Me” took Harley to the mainstream. We were so lucky to have him guest with us on that song … the moment Steve entered was truly chilling, and I still remember it today. An amazing moment. Thanks Steve for the music and your good vibes. We shall miss you. - John Taylor, London.


2024-02-16 | Andy Taylor 63

Andy Taylor 63


2024-02-09 | Set list - Scottsdale

SET LIST - Coors Light Birds Nest, Scottsdale, AZ, USA: The Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, A View To A Kill, Notorious, Black Moonlight, Give It All Up, Lonely In Your Nightmare / Superfreak, Is There Something I Should Know?, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Planet Earth, White Lines, The Reflex, Girls On Film / Psycho Killer + Save A Prayer, Rio. (All live shows and set lists are here.)


2024-02-08 | Andy Taylor and new charity single

Mark Knopfler calls it “an embarassment of riches”, and rock fans will be inclined to agree. The Dire Straits frontman has assembled some of the world’s most renowned guitarists, from Slash and David Gilmour to Pete Townshend and Joan Armatrading, for a special charity song.

The supergroup, named Guitar Heroes, comprises 54 musicians who joined forces to play on “Mark Knopfler’s Going Home: Theme Of The Local Hero”, proceeds from which will raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Contributions from musicians such as Joan Jett, Sheryl Crow, Ronnie Wood, Joe Bonamassa and the late Jeff Beck have been edited together for the nine-minute track – due for release on 15 March – which will also raise funds for Teen Cancer America. The special recording also includes The Who frontman Roger Daltrey, honorary patron of the Teenage Cancer Trust, on harmonica, The Police singer Sting on bass, and The Beatles’ Ringo Starr on drums.

The full list of contributors is as follows: Joan Armatrading, Jeff Beck, Richard Bennett, Joe Bonamassa, Joe Brown, JamesBurton, Jonathan Cain, Paul Carrack, Eric Clapton, Ry Cooder, Jim Cox, SteveCropper, Sheryl Crow, Danny Cummings, Roger Daltrey, Duane Eddy, Sam Fender, Guy Fletcher, Peter Frampton, Audley Freed, Vince Gill, David Gilmour, BuddyGuy, Keiji Haino, Tony Iommi, Joan Jett, John Jorgenson, Mark Knopfler, Sonny Landreth, Albert Lee, Greg Leisz, Alex Lifeson, Steve Lukather, Phil Manzanera, Dave Mason, Hank Marvin, Brian May, Robbie McIntosh, John McLaughlin, TomMorello, Rick Nielsen, Orianthi, Brad Paisley, Nile Rodgers, Mike Rutherford, Joe Satriani, John Sebastian, Connor Selby, Slash, Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr a Zak Starkey, Sting, Andy Taylor, Susan Tedeschi a Derek Trucks, Ian Thomas, Pete Townshend, Keith Urban, Steve Vai, Waddy Wachtel, Joe Louis Walker, Joe Walsh, Ronnie Wood, Glenn Worf, Zucchero. (Info: independent.co.uk)


2024-02-06 | Set list - Menlo Park

SET LIST - The Guild Theatre, Menlo Park, CA, USA: Night Boat, The Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, A View To A Kill, Notorious, Black Moonlight, Give It All Up, Lonely In Your Nightmare / Superfreak, Friends Of Mine, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Danse Macabre, Planet Earth, White Lines, The Reflex, Girls On Film / Psycho Killer + Save A Prayer, Rio. (All live shows and set lists are here.)


2024-02-03 | Set list - Lincoln

SET LIST - Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Lincoln, CA, USA: Night Boat, The Wild Boys, Hungry Like The Wolf, A View To A Kill, Notorious, Black Moonlight, Give It All Up, Lonely In Your Nightmare / Superfreak, Is There Something I Should Know?, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Danse Macabre, Planet Earth, White Lines, The Reflex, Girls On Film / Psycho Killer + Save A Prayer, Rio. (All live shows and set lists are here.)


2024-01-31 | Pula Arena 2024

Duran Duran, British rock music icons, are returning to Croatia for a premiere performance at the Pula Arena on Tuesday, July 30, 2024.

The band is returning to Croatia seven years after a sold-out concert at the Šalata Stadium in Zagreb. The new performance in Croatia is scheduled at perhaps the most beautiful concert venue this part of Europe has to offer.
The two-thousand-year-old amphitheater in Pula will be the perfect stage for Duran Duran to remind us of their timeless collection of hits and a chance to hear their new album “Danse Macabre.”

The performance at the Pula Arena will be the culmination of an exceptionally active concert period for Duran Duran, including sold-out shows in arenas across the UK, Ireland, Canada, and North America, such as Madison Square Garden in New York. The Telegraph describes their live performances as decadent and bombastic, The Times accords them royal status, and Clash says it’s “a first-class performance” while The Spectator calls Duran Duran a “national treasure.” Domestic audiences, as well as those from the entire region, will have the opportunity to see them at the grand summer open-air spectacle

Tickets for the Pula performance go on sale on Friday, February 2, at 10:00 a.m. Early bird prices for standing are 87 euros, for seated tribunes 119 euros, and for standing upper lawn 68 euros. (Info: croatiaweek.com)


2024-01-18 | 5 Best Duran Duran Songs of All Time

From the web:
Duran Duran, an iconic British band formed in 1978, stands as a quintessential symbol of the 1980s music scene. With their innovative fusion of new wave, synth-pop, and glam aesthetics, Duran Duran became pioneers in both music and style. The band’s suave and sophisticated image, combined with infectious melodies and catchy lyrics, catapulted them to global stardom.
Led by the charismatic Simon Le Bon’s distinctive vocals, Duran Duran crafted a string of chart-topping hits that defined the sound of the era. Their dynamic music videos, often featuring cinematic visuals and avant-garde concepts, played a pivotal role in the rise of MTV and the visual culture of the 1980s.

Duran Duran

The classic lineup, including John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor, and Roger Taylor, showcased a musical synergy that produced timeless tracks such as “Rio,” “Hungry Like the Wolf,” and “The Reflex.” Duran Duran’s ability to seamlessly blend pop hooks with experimental electronic elements solidified their status as pop culture icons.
Beyond the 1980s, Duran Duran has demonstrated remarkable staying power, consistently releasing albums and evolving their sound. With a legacy that spans decades, Duran Duran remains an influential force, continuing to captivate audiences with their electrifying performances and undeniable musical charisma.

1. Hungry Like the Wolf
“Hungry Like the Wolf” is a classic song by Duran Duran, released in 1982 as the band’s fifth single. It played a significant role in propelling Duran Duran to international stardom and is considered one of their signature tracks.
The song is characterized by its infectious melody, catchy lyrics, and a distinctive guitar riff. Written by the band members, “Hungry Like the Wolf” tells a narrative of desire and pursuit, with lyrics that evoke a sense of urgency and adventure. The chorus, with Simon Le Bon’s iconic delivery of the line “Hungry like the wolf,” became instantly recognizable and contributed to the song’s enduring popularity.
The music video for “Hungry Like the Wolf” further enhanced Duran Duran’s visual image. Directed by Russell Mulcahy, the video features exotic locations and a cinematic storyline, showcasing the band’s commitment to creating innovative and visually striking visuals.
“Hungry Like the Wolf” became one of Duran Duran’s biggest hits, reaching high chart positions worldwide. Its success helped establish Duran Duran as leaders of the New Romantic movement and solidified their status as 1980s pop icons. The song remains a staple in their live performances and continues to be celebrated for its energetic sound and cultural impact.

2. Rio
“Rio” is a song by the British band Duran Duran, released in 1982 as the title track from their second studio album, “Rio.” Written by the members of Duran Duran, the song is one of their most iconic and enduring hits.
“Rio” is characterized by its upbeat and danceable new wave sound, featuring catchy guitar riffs, a prominent bassline, and Simon Le Bon’s distinctive vocals. The lyrics evoke images of a glamorous and exotic world, inspired by the excitement and allure of Rio de Janeiro.
The song’s music video, directed by Russell Mulcahy, further contributed to its success. The video features colorful and vivid imagery, capturing the energy and vibrancy of the song. It became a staple on music television channels during the early 1980s.
“Rio” achieved commercial success, reaching high chart positions in various countries. The album of the same name solidified Duran Duran’s status as global pop icons. The track remains a classic in the band’s catalog and is often celebrated for its infectious energy and the sense of escapism it provides.

3. Girls On Film
“Girls on Film” is a song by Duran Duran, released in 1981 as the third single from their self-titled debut album. Written by the members of Duran Duran, the song is known for its catchy new wave sound and provocative lyrics.
“Girls on Film” features a driving bassline, a danceable beat, and the distinctive vocals of Simon Le Bon. The lyrics allude to the world of fashion and modeling, and the song explores themes of glamour, beauty, and the challenges faced by those in the industry.
The music video for “Girls on Film” gained notable attention due to its controversial content, featuring suggestive and risqué scenes. The video was initially banned by the BBC, but a censored version was later released, helping to generate further interest in the song and the band.
“Girls on Film” became a commercial success, reaching the top ten in the UK singles chart. It contributed to Duran Duran’s rise to fame in the early 1980s and remains one of their signature tracks. The song is often remembered for its infectious energy, catchy chorus, and the edgy, stylish vibe that defined Duran Duran’s early music.

4. Ordinary World
“Ordinary World” is a song by Duran Duran, released in 1993 as the lead single from their seventh studio album, “Duran Duran (The Wedding Album).” The song marked a significant moment in the band’s career, serving as a comeback single and showcasing a more mature and introspective sound.
Written by Duran Duran members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, and Warren Cuccurullo, “Ordinary World” reflects on themes of loss, reflection, and the search for meaning in the face of life’s challenges. The lyrics are introspective and personal, addressing the difficulty of navigating a world that can often be unpredictable and unforgiving.
Musically, “Ordinary World” features a melodic and acoustic-driven sound, a departure from the band’s earlier synth-pop and new wave style. The song’s emotional depth is accentuated by Simon Le Bon’s heartfelt vocals.
“Ordinary World” became one of Duran Duran’s most successful and well-received songs. It achieved chart success in multiple countries and earned critical acclaim for its maturity and the band’s ability to evolve their sound. The song’s impact was further solidified by a memorable music video and its inclusion in various films and TV shows.
Decades after its release, “Ordinary World” remains a fan favorite and is often cited as one of Duran Duran’s standout tracks. It showcases the band’s versatility and enduring ability to create meaningful and resonant music.

5. The Reflex
“The Reflex” is a song by Duran Duran, released in 1984 as the third single from their third studio album, “Seven and the Ragged Tiger.” Written by the members of Duran Duran, the song became one of their most successful and well-known hits.
“The Reflex” is characterized by its infectious and danceable synth-pop sound. The song features a prominent use of synthesizers, funky basslines, and Simon Le Bon’s distinctive vocals. The lyrics of the song are often considered abstract, with phrases that evoke a sense of mystery and allure.
The single version of “The Reflex” became a major commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The success of the song was propelled by its catchy chorus, innovative production, and the accompanying music video, which featured visual effects and stylish imagery.
“The Reflex” remains a classic in Duran Duran’s discography and is often associated with the band’s success during the 1980s. The song’s popularity has endured, and it is frequently featured in retrospectives of the new wave and synth-pop era. (Complete article on: singersroom.com)


2024-01-09 | Cruel World Festival 2024

In a striking blend of new-wave and pop acts, the Cruel World Festival 2024 is all set to take the stage on May 11th at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Leading the charge of this much-anticipated event is the iconic Duran Duran, promising a performance that’s sure to resonate with the festival’s energetic crowd.

Beyond Duran Duran, the festival’s lineup is a veritable who’s who of the music industry. Joining the headliner are other notable names such as Interpol, Blondie, and Simple Minds. Adding to the festival’s appeal are artists like Placebo, Soft Cell, and Adam Ant. While the specific setlists for the performances are still under wraps, attendees can expect a memorable musical journey with popular hits from these acts. (Info: bnnbreaking.com)


2024-01-08 | Preview 2024?

BMG have done a great job at getting ‘mid-period’ Duran Duran back into the marketplace, including albums such as Medazzaland, Pop Trash, Astronaut, Red Carpet Massacre and All You Need Is Now. The label had actually promised a Medazzaland box for this year, which obviously never happened and Nick Rhodes is on record as talking about a 40th anniversary anthology which seems to be a vague aspiration rather than a set of specific product plans.

The issue is more with the Warner-owned output; the ‘classic era’, if you will. Rio’s 40th birthday came and went in 2022 with no activity barring the odd tweet and in 2023 the 40th and 30th anniversaries of Seven and the Ragged Tiger and ‘The Wedding Album’ respectively also came and went with no physical product to mark the occasion. Barring a 2CD set in 1994, ‘The Wedding Album’ has never been reissued at all; quite remarkable for such a successful and important album for Duran Duran. The good news is that someone called David Hughes posted on Twitter/’X’ alternative BlueSky in October that he was “working with Duran Duran/Warner” on a super deluxe reissue of ‘The Wedding Album’ that has been “delayed twice”. He says “if it all comes together it’ll be something special”.

With Duran Duran the suspicion is always that they are more focused on the here-and-now than the past. So touring remains a key pursuit and as does working on “the new album”. If neither of those things is happening then they have a predilection for material that they own and control which is perhaps why, for them, Medezzaland is a higher priority than Rio, and Pop Trash might be more interesting for than Seven and the Ragged Tiger. This might not align with what fans want, but it’s probably the reality.

With Danse Macabre having been released this year, there’s clearly not going to be any new material in 2024, so perhaps we will get a Medazzland box set or given that message from David Hughes, a ‘Wedding Album’ one. But be warned, the band were working with Warner Music a decade ago on a ‘Wedding album’ reissue and the project failed to reach fruition due to creative differences. Text: Paul Sinclair. (Info: superdeluxeedition.com)


2024-01-01 | Happy New Year

Happy New Year
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